Job/activity or area Venue Hire at Southwark Cathedral
Description of activity: Use of Southwark Cathedral for Venue Hire by a third party

Significant Risks and Hazards: Transmission of the Covid-19 via contamination person to person, and via contaminated surfaces.
Persons at Risk: Delegates, staff
Consequences: Transmission of Covid-19 to others

Control Measures:


• No person with Covid symptoms is to enter the Southwark Cathedral
• Any person who develops symptoms whilst on site to:
• Let Venue Hire team know immediately
• Be moved to a designated isolation space away from other people
• Arrange to leave site safely, avoiding using public transport as far as possible

Event delegates

• Event delegates and organisers must complete the Health Declaration Form and return to the Venue Hire team before the event
• The Event Organiser to keep details of those who attend for 21 days after the event
• On arrival all delegates to sanitise or wash their hands for 20 seconds
• Social distancing to be observed at all times
• Face coverings are mandatory for all delegates in all public areas except those who are exempt
•An employee in any outdoor setting where appropriate when they are acting in the course of their employment
where a mask causes the wearer severe distress
•Someone speaking to or helping anyone who relies on lip reading, clear sound or facial expressions to communicate


• Event spaces will be cleaned in line with Government guidance before and after use
• All meeting rooms and toilets will be deep cleaned in line with Government guidance and locked before and after use
• All event equipment will be sanitised in line with Government guidance before and after each event
• The Cathedral Facilities Team will be on site, cleaning public touch points (hand rails, handles, surfaces etc.) including the toilets, every hour
• Waste will be disposed of after each event in line with Government guidance
• Hand sanitiser will be freely available throughout event spaces
• Anti bacterial wipes and masks available in each meeting room to be used by delegates
• Doors will be propped open where appropriate to minimise touch points across site
• Windows opened as appropriate for air ventilation
• Delegates must not share pens, documents and other objects.
• We encourage event organisers to not use badges and to make their events paperless as far as possible to minimise transmission
• No more then two people in the lift at one time. Delegates are encouraged to use the stairs.
• Own access coat rails and coat hooks are available to use
• Anti bacterial wipes and hand sanitiser should be used by delegates when handling any equipment provided by the venue for the purpose of the event
• All presentations to be uploaded before arrival must be sent via e-mail to Venue Hire team or associated contractor 24 hours before event. Memory sticks should be handled by delegates only.
• All parcels must be delivered to Venue Hire team at least 72 days before meeting day.
• All used PPE and rubbish must be disposed in designated bins.
• All belongings must be taken before leaving the venue
• In the event that someone develops Covid symptoms on site, the spaces used will be deep cleaned in line with specific government guidance

Government Guidance: Cleaning in a non-healthcare setting:

Social distancing

• Event space capacities and seating plans are set using the 1m+ social distancing guidance. Delegates not to move seats during event. Seating plans can not be amended on day of event.
• Event organisers may opt for a 2m social distancing layout as required
• Delegates to enter the Cathedral via the Churchyard entrance and follow the one way route around site throughout the event.
• Arrival, break and departure times for each event will be staggered to reduce congestion. Please adhere to the timings given.
• A separate break space (as appropriate) and designated toilets for delegates are available
• Toilets are capacity constrained – delegates must queue outside the door at an appropriate distance if full and give way when entering
• Enhanced signage available across site reminding delegates of one way routes and health and safety measures
• Socially distanced day delegate menu with disposable equipment developed with caterer to minimise transmission
• No self service options available for catering

Cathedral staff

• Staff to wash their hands with soap and water for 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer a minimum of once and hour
• All staff to receive training on coronavirus control measures and standard operating practice before returning to work
• All staff to keep a appropriate distance from others at all times
• One person per 100 attendees to monitor social distancing measures being observed.
• A member of the Venue Hire team will give a briefing at the beginning of the meeting, giving an overview on housekeeping, keeping safe during the event and to collect health declaration forms.
• Staff will wear masks and appropriate PPE throughout the event
• Site visits to be minimised through use of 3D tour
• Planning meetings to be held online rather than in person


• All suppliers on site to provide satisfactory Public Liability documentation, RAMS and COVID-19 risk assessments for sign off by Venue Hire team before event
• Deliveries pre-booked and staggered with agreed access routes
• Suppliers to wash their hands for 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer at least once every hour
• Suppliers to wear appropriate PPE throughout the event
• Suppliers to keep a distance from others at all times
• Suppliers to maintain a list of event staff with contact details for 21 days after the event
• The Catering Team member will minimise contact at ‘handover’ points with delegates when serving food and drinks

Risk assessment completed by: E. Allen, M. Smith
Date completed: 23 July 2020
Review 1: 24 August 2020
Next review: 25 September 2020

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